At Sky Zone, we believe every child should have a birthday party that makes them feel celebrated – even when they’re stuck at home! That’s why we’re offering FREE virtual birthday parties that keep the fun alive.

Your kids will get to see and interact with their friends through an online network. Plus, our Sky Zone team will guide them through 15-20 minutes of games, active play, and singing “Happy Birthday”.


What do you have to do?

It’s easy—we’ll make the invites and set up the Zoom video link. All you have to do is send them to your guests, and violá! The party is ON(line)!

It’s the perfect way to celebrate your child’s special day from home, and it’s completely free.

When do these parties take place?

Kids can take part in their virtual birthday parties from Thursday to Saturday 12:00pm GST to 7:00pm GST and celebrate with a maximum of 10 friends.

How do I schedule a party?

To request a virtual party, parents can email us at or WhatsApp 054 793 2010. A Sky Zone representative will follow up with confirmation details and next steps.

We hope to (virtually) see you there!


What does the typical party schedule include

Welcome (2-3mins)
Birthday Child Shout-Out (2mins)
Icebreaker Quiz (5mins)
Group Game (10mins) – Games & Dances vary based on age of child 
Birthday Song (3mins)
Surprise! (2mins)

Can parents participate?

Yes! Parent participation is highly encouraged.

When are Virtual Parties available?

We currently host parties on Thursday to Saturday from 12:00pm GST to 7:00pm GST. *subject to change

*We’re working to add more people to our team so we can offer more party times/days.

How many people can I invite to a virtual party?

For the best experience, we recommend having up to 10 participants logged-in per party. You can have more than 10, it just gets challenging for everyone on the virtual party to see and hear everyone else.

How long are Virtual Parties?

About 20 mins

Is there an age limit for Virtual Parties?

Virtual Parties are best for ages 5-13. We highly recommend parent participation for all age groups, especially 6 and under.